Friday, March 30, 2012

glimps of hawaii

Gods amazing beauty
hubby boogie boarding
love birds
love these fun colors
love this butterfles dispalay
pic by the church

purchased 1st pair of toms for hubby and i
henna tattoo
shaved ice
yummy sweets at farmers market
dinner on the cruise
tried something new
delicious, biggest calamari ever seen
purple potatoes

breakfast (salmon and creamcheese bagel)

i love taking pictures of my food, so you might see alot of that happening!
we had a great time in hawaii.
we enojoyed both of the islands.
which islands have you been to?


Heaven said...

Amazing pics <3

I invite you to

prettibutterfly said...

thanks :)

Ruby Girl said...

amazing photos! looks like a beautiful time!! xoxo linds of

Lilli said...

wow hawaii!:) beautiful photos, love them!:) xoxo

Caitie said...

so so jealous! looks like so much fun!


Leanne said...

These pictures are really beautiful! And wow that calamari looks delicious!!

Love from South Africa

Clara Turbay said...

A lot of great ideas.

Eloquent English said...

I love Hawaii! So jealous! What wonderful pictures! Love them! xoxo A-

Andrea said...

um jealous! :)
-Art a la Rue

Olga said...

Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and leaving advice! I really do take it to heart and I love hearing when people find love again after a break up. It looks like you've found your dream life and I'm very inspired by you!