Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Food we make

Lately I have been cooking and baking.
I really am enjoying it, actually.

baguette bread with seeds, cream cheese, smoked salmon
and cucumber sandwiches
sushi attept, hubby insisted (turned out yummy)
jalapeƱo, cream cheese, smoked salmon, avocado
lady bug cupcakes for nephewchocolate cupcakes with red icing and black sugar
nutella (hazelnut) macaroons
still trying to get them to look perfect
white chocolate and milk chocolate macaroons
one day the will look perfect
banana coconut cupcakes
delish (kids loved them)
banana nutella cupcakes
kazunak mak and cold milk
rugelach with cheese and poppy seeds
mini cheesecakes with condensed milk and blackberries
I love, love weekends and breakfast at home ...
veggie, ham omlet with swiss cheese
egg topped with chili, olives, tomatoe and cheese
avocado and cucumber sanwiches
egg with toppings and toast
here we are enjoying our weekend!!!
what is you favorite meal?